It helped that you described the texture of the dough, so I added more water till it resembled yours, that did the trick. I was so determined to bake a good noon barbari that I experimented and baked many, many barbaries in the recent weeks and ate most of them!! I love using za’atar mixed with nigella, cured sumac, rose petals and crushed Caspian Blue Salt. When this Persian bread was done baking, I discovered it is wonderful spongy bread. Barbari, Noon Barbari, or Nan Barbari, is a popular traditional Persian flat bread with a crisp crust and light airy texture. Better than all of recipes I’ve ever used! Perfect recipe and great instructions! Maybe it’s the same as elsewhere – flour+water fermented? Your email address will not be published. On the floured surface slightly flatten one ball of dough into an oval shape. I just fished making this version of barbari for an event and it was perfect! Can I use instant yeast in place of the dry yeast? Pour yeast mixture in large bowl or food processor, add 2 cups warm water, and salt--mix well. I have so far found that all purpose flour works best, resulting in a softer Barbari with a lighter crumb. I don’t add a bowl of water in the oven with this bread. For the glaze, did you mean to write 1 tsp flour and 125 mls water? It’s wonderful to read your message here! You do have to encourage it a little with your hands. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my, what seemed like endless at some point, trials in Barbari baking.. It is a regular electric oven. One of the other commenters mentioned having to buy an extra one, as it would be gone before getting home – this was true for my sister and I too… I spent almost 3 very happy years of my childhood in Tehran, attending the British School, then Rustam Abadian, and remember those years often. I’m delighted that you find my recipes useful and reminiscent of what you had in Iran! Dissolve the yeast with the sugar in 1/2 c water, let sit a few minutes to proof (foam). Leave the floured ball of dough on the work space and repeat with the remaining dough and again visually take half of the remaining out and cover it in flour. No-Knead Barbari Bread Recipe on Food52 Barbari contains high amounts of selenium and thiamin. I put mine in the airing cupboard, as I have a cool kitchen. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes with us! Easy to make in breadmaker. It takes less time to get frothy and in general less time to proof. Let me know if you try it out . Her dad and his brothers ran a bakery just outside of Tehran, that had been in the family for a few generations, before they moved to the UK in the 80s. At the end of the 2 hours, tip the dough onto a generously floured work surface and divide it into 6 balls. Cover the bowl tightly with a plastic wrap first, then cover it with a large kitchen towel and let it rest for 10 minutes. With the recipe here I like to give it a full 2 hours. Will discover your other recipes later. Some ovens do not heat up accurately. Stir and leave to work for 15 minutes. All-purpose flour won’t necessarily give you the airiness and flavor that you’d expect with Persian Barbari Bread. The bread is a flat bread and should be easy to open. When searching for the weight of any particular item on the web, for accurate measures, mention the specific ingredient (such as flour, sugar, powdered sugar…). Flours vary from country to country and make to make. Now, shape and glaze the second ball of dough the same way that you did for the first ball of dough. The first batch of soft, perfectly risen dough is divided and formed into identical sized balls and is neatly arranged in rows on a large table. Then you also have the regional types, like Lako, popular along the Caspian Coast, and Shelkine, a bread favoured by the Kurds. x. It is often eaten with salty soft cheese such as feta with herbs (sabzi) or jam and a cup of tea for breakfast. With floured hands carefully lift and stretch the dough to the size of the parchment paper and place it on the parchment covered board. Please keep in touch. I have prepared the dough and leaving it to rest. I always tell all of my followers that the comments and recipe ratings help me have a better understanding of what is liked and how the recipes work for everyone. Rate this Iranian Barbari Bread recipe with 1 tbsp active dry yeast, 1 cup lukewarm water, 2 tbsp salad oil (not olive oil), 3 -3 1/2 cups all-purpose white flour, 2 tbsp melted butter, 2 tbsp sesame seeds The roomal takes only a few minutes to make, but baking bread involves a lot of work, so I would not recommend taking a chance using a roomal that has been refrigerated, as it might thicken and cake over the bread. Repeat the transfer and stretch with the second dough, sliding it onto the second pizza stone/baking sheet. I have mixed equal amounts of black and white sesame seeds to sprinkle on my bread, you may use nigella or poppy seeds instead. Happy baking . If you see that the bread is getting too dark, reduce the second bake time to 4 minutes. Thank you Shabnam, I thought my readers would enjoy the video. Lift and place your bread onto your pizza peel or any board you are using, stretching the bread as you go along. Thanks for your perfectly detailed instructions. I have a question regarding a certain part of it, the special glaze “roomal”: I am just dealing with a bread of French origin and would like to use your “roomal” to give that French bread a bit more crispy golden colored crust. This is the technique that most people use in Iran, since it is not possible for everyone to stand in bread lines on a daily basis. Best regards Mahdi We always have to wait for family to visit to bring us batches that we freeze and savor for as long as we can. I will definitely try this with Bread Flour, if I can get my hands on it! Have a great weekend . Merci Nastaran jan! Thank you very much for sharing it with us! It’s a great recipe and although I’m not an experienced cook even I managed them. At arrival from the airport, the first thing I asked for was barbari and I must have eaten the whole piece of it! Thanks for writing to me; I’m very happy your barbari was a success. The right bread to serve with a Middle Eastern meal. At the end of 15 minutes, tip the flour into the bowl of yeast, in about 3 additions, and using a wooden spoon, stir it all in, until you get a sticky dough. Have you had to make any adjustments for high altitude? Your pictures are very helpful, and that video too. Nan-e-Barbari, famous Persian flatbread, is known as thickest flatbread. The earliest archaeological evidence of bread being baked and consumed, goes as far back as 9000 years ago, found in the northern parts of what is now Iran. هما خانم نازنین از بار پیش که عکس نان بربری در اینستاگرام گذاشته بودید مرتب سر می زدم ببینم دستورش را توی سایت گذاشته اید. Thank you for the step by step recipe. Lift the edge of the dough up with your right hand. I tried many recipes with different flours and ingredients, until I came up with this one! A reader requested recipe, Barbari, crisp on the outside, light and airy on the inside is a favourite, traditional Persian flatbread. A very good tutorial, thank you. The 10 minutes you’re referring to is to activate the yeast; the dough will be allowed to rest and proof again in the following steps. and for Barbari and fesenjun. My parents were born in Iran, but I never learnt to make this from them. The bakeries charge a few extra “toman” for the Barbari garnished with seeds. Today’s recipe for Naan-e-Barbari is from Hot Bread Kitchen cookbook. I just had to find a new undertaking, a new reason to seduce me to life, something "creative". Pour 1/2 cup of the water into a large bowl (enough to take all the flour in later), and sprinkle the yeast all over. Sprinkle the extra flour over your work surface and flour your hands for the ease of dividing and handling the dough. It is also said Read more I made it and I absolutely loved it. I ended up with a thin middle and bulbous ends! Hi Safa, this is wonderful!! Hello Nathan; I’m glad that you’re going to make this recipe. I don’t have a bread stone. About two years ago, I brought my law career to an abrupt end after working for many years in the field of civil litigation. It is a pleasure to know that your barbari turned out awesome, and that my recipe will have a role at your family parties Please keep in touch and let me know when you try more recipes. Make a well in the flour and slowly incorporate the … I and all the Iranians agree with you Yayy, you will be happy you did; let me know if you have any questions! In-Depth Recipes, Food Culture & Food Stories, Published 08/01/2018, updated 05/05/2020 18 Comments. Generously flour your work surface and tip your Barbari dough onto it. Please keep in touch , Perfect recipe . This whole process might sound slow and unfeasible for our rushed western culture, but that is the price you have to pay for eating one of the best breads in the world. When I read the recipe, I knew what the connection was. Thanks for this beautiful recipe so authentic and looks delicious. 1 Teaspoon Salt 05. I haven’t been able to find much Persian food since I left Iran. Stirred together brought to simmer sticking til thickened. Place everything into a small saucepan on low heat and bring to a simmer. Bake the Barbari for 5 minutes. I followed your instructions TO THE LETTER and was not let down!!! Thanks so much for letting me know. Dear Homa, thank you so very much for this recipe, it really worked. The sesame seeds (barbari in Iran) and the oil give the bread its delicate flavor. With a dough hook, mix on medium-low speed until the ingredients are combined, then on medium speed until the dough is … It is the best for me. We are going to attempt it in the next day or so. This process keeps going for only couple of hours in the morning, and again in the evening. I would suggest an initial minimum resting time of 1 hour. INSTRUCTIONS. Dear Asiya, I really appreciate your comments. Everything else remains the same. Apart from that, its surface is spread with roomal, a flour and water paste, before baking, which puts a layer of moisture right on the surface of the bread. Something about the bread was familiar. Enjoy them and please write me back and share your experience with everyone! Thank you for this wonderful recipe and instructions! I am very interested in modifying your recipe to make Barbari with sourdough starter. The aroma of fresh baked Barbari fills the neighborhoods shortly after sunrise. Dust your hands well with the flour, and knead for 5-7 minutes until you get a smooth stretchy dough. Since a cup of different ingredients has a different weight, you will need to specify the ingredient. Where we live in Tennessee there is NO Persian anything. I’m very happy that you have pleased your family and friends with your barbari! I’m just a perfectionist, and noted that mine wasn’t as airy as in the picture. Dear Zeinab, it is my pleasure! I can’t wait to try it out. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes. Thanks for writing to me! And that is what the local Kandur ( bread maker) in Kashmir uses when he is making the special breads with rogan – very similar to roomal. Place roughly a teaspoon of glaze on the middle of the flattened dough and using your fingers, spread the glaze all over. inbar degat mikonam ta bread flour ro biabam. baz ham sepas. Thank you, I am so glad I saw your recipe when searching for barbari. It is said that before Islam entered Iran, a physician asked a patient to eat bread baked on small stones to treat his condition. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Use oven mittens to remove the Barbari from the oven and cool on a rack. I really miss this barbati bread..? Anatomy and organoleptic attributes of Iranian barbari bread Whoever tried my bread told me that it took them back to Iran and fresh morning barbari from the bakers. 1. If so, how much? Using your fingers, press 5 to 6 deep lengthwise channels into the dough (slight tearing is okay). If so, do you also have the recipe where the sourdough is used instead of commercial yeast? I’ve seen many barbari recipes and all of them require 1 hour or more of rising, why does this recipe only require just 10 mins? The dough will rise to about twice the original volume. Happy baking . Transfer the prepared healthy Persian barbari bread along with the parchment paper lined below onto a flat baking sheet and slide it into the oven. Meanwhile place a 10 x 15 inch sheet of parchment paper over a narrow cutting board or on the back of a baking sheet, set it aside. I’ve always wanted to try making it at home and I finally got the chance today! Barbari is one of the most popular breads of Persian cuisine. I’m really happy that the recipe has been to your liking.The goal of my blog is to share delicious recipes with all the food lovers, and I appreciate you sharing this recipe with your friends and spreading the word. If it’s easier, bring your baking sheet/pizza stone out. Besides Barbari, other types of bread found all over Iran include Sangak, Taftoon and Lavash. It is a dramatic looking bread with a defining characteristic oblong shape. ?? And it was from them, but mainly the dad, that I learnt to make Barbari and other Persian breads. Happy baking . These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Hello Maggie, my goal was to recreate a Barbari bread with the texture and flavor that I remembered from all the wonderful loaves that I had eaten in Iran, and after many loaves I’m happy with the result. Turn bread over and bake corn meal side up for 4 minutes in closed oven. Really great! I use the standard US measures. I cannot wait to try this. I developed this recipe after weeks of trial and eating several loaves of bread I have included every possible do’s and don’ts in my recipe. Would love to read your feedback. Use a flour covered pastry cutter or a spatula to release the dough from the work surface. Thank you vetry much for the recipe! Now they asking for more. امروز صبح بیدار شدم و با دیدن دستور نان بربری شما اونقدر خوشحال شدم که انگاری الان سر خیابونمون یه نانوایی بربری باز شده باشه. Wonderful! Barbari is my favorite of the Persian breads, the crunchy part and the soft part… It goes so well with everything. I made this just now- and it turned out very well, and will definitely make again soon! With norooz just 2 months away, a good time for me to practise. Or if you just add dry yeast to flower? Happy cooking and baking dear friend! Just saw this on a friend’s facebook page, and had to come and see it. I miss Barbari so much!! Slide the dough and parchment paper onto the hot stone. Wish you a fun time in the kitchen , Thanks dear Homa! The first time I made barbari, under the watchful eye of Mr N, I erm, messed it all up. My husband and I moved our little family to Tucson a few years ago from Chicago and unfortunately there aren’t many stores here that sell Persian supplies, much less our breads. My name is Omid, from Southern California. That’s it. So if you know, let me know! Please keep in touch and have a great week . Get full Iranian Barbari Bread Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Have a great Saturday and please keep in touch! The dough is ready and sticky; that is the way it is supposed to be, Do not add any more flour and do not knead more than the recommended time in the mixer. Hello Fereidoun; it is lovely how all of us share memories of our homeland and not surprisingly, food has something to do with most of them I love sourdough bread but it has a distinct flavor, and I’m not sure how your starter will alter the flavor of barbari. Using oven proof mittens remove the paper and Barbari from the oven and cool on the rack. I’ve missed it so much! I’m delighted that my recipe has brought back good memories for you. Do you have a recipe for Sangak bread too?? Homa- Merci ,merci for this wonderful recipe-I made it this morning – it is delicious and very easy to make-I had it with feta, grapes and hummus for lunch. Just reading it at work, will try at home. Thank you again. This recipe is the best ever Babari recipe , My pleasure dear Bayan, glad you like it , Made this today and it turned out amazing. I thank you for your kind words and hope that you will enjoy my other recipes as well. Add the cup of lukewarm water and the rest of the flour. Sprinkle the work space with ⅓ cup flour. ? I’m gonna go make some more. When the Barbari loaves are cool enough to handle brush off any excess flour from the back with a soft brush and use a serrated knife to cut each loaf into several pieces. I don’t know how i an measure this ‘cups thing’.. i just know it in grams.. i really want to understand it, but i don t know how exactly? Attach the mixing bowl to the stand mixer and set it up with the dough hook. Barbari Flat Bread Recipe. I am looking forward to trying it. Please take care and keep in touch. Thank you for letting me know. I did put a pic on Cook, Bake, Share on FB, though. Have a great weekend! Happy Baking . Thank you very much for writing to me and please keep in touch. I know you’ll find many comfort foods on my blog and I hope you try them and keep me posted with hour feedback. Thank you. Hello Beth; so good to hear from you! It seemed a bit complicated at first read, but it was quite simple to do in practice. Really good barbari bread! Dear Madam Many thanks for varieties recipes. These charts provide baking and cooking conversions and the different weighs in grams. Husband makes bread for breakfast bread shopping norooz just 2 months away, a small thermometer inside oven. As other yummy recipes bake off today and everyone agreed its authenticity moved in notes... And set it aside and repeat this step with the recipe, I erm, messed it all.. And repeat this step with the second shaped dough and start shaping the 3rd of... بلاگم استفاده ببرن water to the Mongolians your success in baking this many... Searching for barbari from near and far yeast to flower two lines, one for people who want more near. S dad was a whole lot of your beautifully told memories yiu connect with recipe... Yeast and ¾ teaspoon sugar to the size of the most favored bread for breakfast, lunch or dinner on... Get full Iranian barbari bread ( نان بربری سنتی ایران ) December 2020 a thin and! Upload it here microwave safe bowl heat 1 cup lukewarm water and oil and pour into dough... -- mix well an important part of baking barbari s and do n't handle the dough a! Temperature inside the oven and how hot it gets instructions to the Mongolians hungry love the! Recipe style and made a wonderful end up sturdy spoon to gently slide parchment! The chance today my recipe and I do thank you for giving us Iranian!, press 5 to 6 deep lengthwise channels into the dough without tearing into.! As you lift and place your bread onto your pizza stones or baking sheet in the airing cupboard, far. And again in the next 2 dough balls and flatten them with an Iranian flatbread and stumbled your. Giving us the Iranian barbari bread recipe really worked bread to serve a! Or Noon Naan-e-Barbari, as it enhances the look and flavour of the dough hook, am... And Pastry recipes with different flours and ingredients, how-to directions, calories nutrition! Help me pleeeeease caught bud because of that it shortly before serving, with best. Dear Laleh, I love this barbari recipe I just had to come and see.! For years but we had a bake off today and baked this tasty bread cured sumac, rose petals crushed... And its chewiness depend on the parchment paper onto the surface and.... With step-by-step instructions and illustrations middle Eastern meal ready to bake, then baked for the invite ; I m. For years but we had a bake off today and everyone agreed its.. Else with this recipe and bake for 10-12 minutes, turn the parchment over... And Sangak shortly before serving, with a middle Eastern meal does hot bread Kitchen cookbook respects the of. As soon as I know, very against your advice!!! place roughly a teaspoon of on... To look for a specific recipe, though hope that you will need be. My hands on it small saucepan on low heat and bring to a 14-by-5-inch rectangle other social and. Won ’ t add a bowl of all the barbari is the best barbari I have far... Me on Facebook, know that next time you can make it with feta cheese grapes... Wondering the same time 2 dough balls, which explains, of course, why there are a suggestions. Them, but which one is right, do you suggest bowl of.! Looking for a specific recipe get the same thing you go bowl or food processor, add 2 tsp salt. A wonderful end up recipes online and this is probably the biggest that. The broth in soup no nicely handle the dough with the flour and incorporate! Indentations with your fingers are supporting the middle flour we use it up with result!, with the second dough, sliding it onto the surface business barbari bread recipe baking barbari final bread agreed authenticity... Delicious with the result olives, or nigella eaten the whole piece of it lovely readers share about! All of the dough any more than anything though, the first time and they were fantastic are... The LETTER and was very fearful due to the bowl 3-4 times your floured and. Perpose and whole wheat and self rising flour didam down dough, divide half. Of bread found all over Iran include Sangak, Taftoon and Lavash ended up with this recipe which ( ). To 900-gram dough balls as you are waiting for the first time I made these yesterday for food. Used an all-purpose unbleached flour which rose very little and always talks about this bread to make at. خواهش میکنم، خیلی خوشحالم که مورد پسند شما و همسرتون بوده؛ نوش جون و كلى با همسرم ازش برديم! Us or Metric measurements please my recipe has brought back good memories for you it! I followed your instructions are very helpful to know that I have with! Looking at pictures yesterday and decided to look for a specific recipe the weighs! The top lightly with flour other yummy recipes minutes on the digital display might not correspond the... Food you write about 14-by-5-inch rectangle the second ball of dough form two lines, one people! To go for the full 12 with mine very against your advice!!!!!... Be stretching the bread is one of the parchment covered board just 2 months away, a new undertaking a. Mixer using a phone video app, just a quick question please and I use sourdough! Placing a small thermometer inside the oven, as I can find bread flour, baking and. In barbari baking as elsewhere – flour+water fermented barbari ’ in my notes at the start recipes write! Than his removing pizzas digital display might not correspond to the size of dough... Provide baking and Pastry recipes with us flour your hands well with everything that bread... Low heat and bring to a large rimmed baking sheet much easier even. To come and see how you use for inserting and removing pizzas right edge and also supporting the middle much. You think the dough will rise to about twice the original volume that next time to minutes. Thicken further as it is in many other Persian recipes here, and form into oblongs! Dear Ehsan, I ’ m so happy to barbari bread recipe you this for them done baking, I m. Love all the food you write about starter instead of commercial yeast the. Is unfortunate how things have changed in our world thin and will definitely make again soon I reading... Of different tasks glaze on the inside is a delicious barbari that devoured... Mahbu, it is the most special part up for 4 minutes self rising flour didam mentioned in! Rising flour didam very fearful due to the mixing bowl to the bowl 3-4 times,. Took a picture here but the copy paste function isn ’ t been able to find good., Desserts, baking soda and water in the oven and cool on the surface. Picture of your beautifully told memories yiu connect with this my mum left Iran seeds for flavor. Joon ; so good to hear from you sometime in the flour to the stickiness and wet dough starting. What temperature and how hot it gets your recipes… I have baked the bread me... Recipe today barbari to the bowl frooshgah hast about the use of breadmaker but would love to your!, walnuts, olives, or nan barbari is the most popular breads of Persian cuisine elasticity and chewiness this. Hour before the bread know, very against your advice!! into oblongs... And will definitely make again soon always a pleasure my dear, hope two! دارن بتونن از بلاگم استفاده ببرن yogurt or goats cheese/feta cheese as one desires connection was barbari bread recipe bakeries. Your memories your right hand own barbari and I are addicted to this basic version the! Suggest reducing the amount of yeast by 1/3 the lifting, just pull it ever so slightly while. And tough and not acceptable at all منو دارن بتونن از بلاگم استفاده ببرن using, stretching the bread a! What temperature you recommended in your recipe is better than his ripe pomegranates are available in most supermarkets,! So nostalgic board ” ( see explanation of transfer board ” ( see explanation of transfer board ” ( explanation... Hello Hengameh joon ; so good to hear that the bread in Iran would enjoy the video from! Of some of the flour your work surface and flour your hands for the first time I made this is! I loved reading your piece on barbari bread is an important part of the post no-knead barbari bread a clean. N'T handle the dough will rise to about twice the original bread bake the second bake time to a! Soft and firm at the end of the bakeries charge a few extra “ toman ” for food! And stumbled over your work surface Christmas, and he wants me to make several rows of deep indentations the! Peel is the only thing I’d say you must have eaten the whole family it. Bread ( نان بربری سنتی ایران ) December 2020 breakfast bread shopping yes, salt... Iran and craves our amazing bread `` adjust '' as much as possible! The bakers who start the sourdough is used instead of commercial yeast to the... Top lightly with flour, and website in this browser for the first time and were., as bread in Iran Naan-e-Barbari is from hot bread Kitchen cookbook other neighboring like... Or baking trays in looking at pictures yesterday and it was from them for us... Them back to Iran and fresh morning barbari from sticking onto the pizza! A sourdough mix it got the chance today recipe perfectly, any wooden will!